Quinn Warnick
English 309 Week 7 Update
by Quinn Warnick - Sunday, 22 July 2007, 11:29 PM

Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I went the entire weekend without updating the course website. I offer my sincere apologies for putting it off this long, and I won't take too much of your time with this email. Just a couple of quick reminders:

- We will spent almost all of this week in team workshops. I will meet with each team twice (one long conference on either Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss your PowerPoint storyboards, and one mini-conference on Thursday to make sure your team is prepared for the final presentation), but otherwise, you'll have the entire class period every day to work on your Unit #2 and Unit #3 projects.

- There will be no more readings or quizzes this semester, which will (I hope) allow you to put all of your energy for this class into your team projects.

- Due dates for this week have been bumped back slightly: a second draft of your written proposal will be due at the end of class on Tuesday, and a rough draft of your PowerPoint presentation will be due at the end of class on Thursday.

I'll see you in class tomorrow. If you have questions before then, please email or stop by my office in the morning.