Weekly outline

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      Note: These files are the basic documents for this course, but any information on this website supercedes the information contained in these files. When in doubt, refer to this site to find the most current information.
  • 10 June - 16 June

  • 17 June - 23 June

  • 24 June - 30 June

    • Monday, June 25
      Topic: Writing with style; in-class drafting/revision exercise; discuss Unit #1 Rough Draft assignment Read: Chapters 7 and 9 Assignment: Finish reviewing the suggestions made by your classmates on your Unit #1 Situation Report, and update that document.

      Tuesday, June 26
      Topic: Document layout and design; analyzing visual documents; begin design workshop Read: Chapters 10 and 11.

      Wednesday, June 27
      Topic: Putting it all together; continue design workshop Read: Chapter 12

      Thursday, June 28
      Topic: Finishing touches workshop; midterm review; discuss teaming inventory Assignment: Unit #1 Rough Draft due at the end of class.

  • 1 July - 7 July

  • 8 July - 14 July

    • Monday, July 9
      Topic: Finding the right funding source; funder research workshop; team meetings and contract negotiations (continued) Read: CFDA Grant Guide and CPB Grant Writing Tips (both linked below) Assignment: Unit #1: Individual Report and Proposal is due at the beginning of class. Please upload your document before class starts and bring the printed copy of your proposal to class. If you have not submitted them already, signed team contracts are due by the end of class.

      Tuesday, July 10
      Topic: Oral presentations of Funder Research Reports. Assignment: Funder Research Report due at the beginning of class. Please upload your document before class starts and bring 18 printed copies of your report to share with your classmates.

      Wednesday, July 11
      Topic: Researching grant opportunities and selecting a specific funder and specific RFP

      Thursday, July 12
      Topic: Mini-conferences with Quinn to discuss your progress on Unit #2 Assignment: Team proposals for Unit #2 (a one-page document summarizing the the funding source, RFP, etc.) due at the end of class.

  • 15 July - 21 July

    • Monday, July 16
      Topic: Outlining and drafting the grant proposal; developing budgets. Read: Chapter 8. Assignment: Early draft of the situation section due at the beginning of class. (TRANSLATION: bring whatever your team has done over the weekend and have it accessible in electronic format.)

      Tuesday, July 17
      Topic: Oral presentations. Read: "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint" and two articles from "Presentation Zen," all linked below.

      Wednesday, July 18
      Topic: Green Flag, Red Flag team exercise; team drafting workshop. Assignment: Rough draft of Unit #1 proposal due at the end of class.

      Thursday, July 19
      Topic: Tailoring resumes for specific audiences; resume writing workshop; Mini-conferences with Quinn to discuss Unit #1 rough drafts Read: Quickly read at least three articles linked on the Resume Writing Resources page, as well as the two online discussions linked on that page. Assignment: Bring a current copy of your resume to class.

  • 22 July - 28 July

    • Monday, July 23
      Topic: Developing PowerPoint storyboards; team workshops.

      Tuesday, July 24
      Topic: Team workshops; storyboard conferences with Quinn (Team 1 and Team 2). Assignment: Unit #2 second draft (complete draft) due at the end of class. Submit the electronic file of your team's proposal to Quinn for track-changes review.

      Wednesday, July 25
      Topic: Team workshops; storyboard conferences with Quinn (Team 3 and Team 4).

      Thursday, July 26
      Topic: Team workshops; mini-conferences with Quinn to discuss final steps. Assignment: Unit #3 rough draft due at the end of class. Submit your PowerPoint file to Quinn for review over the weekend.

  • 29 July - 4 August

    • Monday, July 30
      Topic: Rehearse PowerPoint presentations; discuss final memo assignment.

      Tuesday, July 31
      Topic: Oral presentations by Team 2 and Team 1.

      Wednesday, August 1
      Topic: Oral presentations by Team 3 and Team 4.

      Thursday, July 2
      Topic: Course wrap-up; instructor evaluations. Assignment: The final memo is due by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, August 3. Memos received after this deadline will not be graded.