Class Participation and Group Work Grade - Final

The policy document explains that 10% of your course grade will be determined by "shorter assignments and class participation." This is the second of two numeric grades that you will receive this semester. Unlike the participation grade you received at midterm, this grade is based primarily on your effort as a member of a team working on Unit #2 and Unit #3. Hence, I have taken into consideration any comments about your work made by members of your team in their final memos to me.

This grade also encompasses the following items:

1. Your contributions to class discussions, both positive and negative.

2. Your attentiveness in class, especially to your peers' comments.

This grade will be averaged with all of the shorter assignments (drafts, exercises, revision workshops, etc.) you have completed for this course, although this grade is "weighted" heavier than each of those small assignments. You do not need to submit anything for this "assignment," because you have been earning it throughout the semester.