Use this wiki to record your selection for the Funder Research Report. Click on "edit" to open the editing window for this page. When you have added your funder, click "save" at the bottom of the page to update the wiki. Out of respect for your classmates, please do NOT edit any one else's choice.

Funder Research Report Wiki

Use this page to record your selection for the Funder Research Report. Once someone has selected a funder, that option is no longer available to other students.

Julianne - Dept. of Education

Rebecca - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Joe - Department of Housing and Urban Development

Chris -Center for Disease Control

Nick - Department of Transportation

Shy - National Institutes of Health

Abbie - Enviornmental Protection Agency

Jennifer - State of Iowa Dept. of Human Resources

Tom - Department of Labor

Irene - Department of the Interior

Laura - Ben and Jerry's Foundation

Dillan - National Science Foundation

Ross - U.S. Agency for International Development

Holly - Global Fund For Woman

Brian - Department of Energy

Tara - Small Business Administration

Bridget - Office of Violence Against Women