As you work with your group today, the following questions will help you 1) identify areas that need more attention in your research, 2) structure your document, and 3) assign specific tasks to specific members of your group.

You do not need to write out the answers to all of these questions, but doing so may be helpful to your group.

  1. Has everyone in your group become thoroughly acquianted with your company's website?
  2. Would you describe your company's website as effective or ineffective? What does it do well? What could it do better?
  3. What information (be specific) on the website will "translate" well for your intended international audience? What information (again, be specific) will need to be elimintated or significantly altered?
  4. What resources have you found that deal with business or communication practices in your target country? What research do you still need to do on this topic? Who will do it?
  5. If you were a real web development team, how would you schedule the process for developing and implementing a new website? How will you describe this process to your CEO in the report?
  6. Who will "manage" your group's document?
  7. Who will take responsibility for acquiring or designing graphics/images to be included in your report?
  8. How will you share information with the other members of your group? When will you meet next? What do you need to have accomplished before your next meeting?
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