Based on our in-class discussions this semester, I think it's safe to say that all of us, to one extent or another, are living our lives online. As you begin working on Unit #4, I'd like you to complete the following tasks and think about the related questions:

1. Google yourself. If you have a common name, Google your name AND your home town (e.g., "Quinn Warnick Ames Iowa"). How many "good" results does this Google search return? In other words, how many of the results are actually about you?

2. Try to find your address and phone number using Google or an online telephone directory (such as Are you listed?

3. Go to Facebook; if you're logged in as yourself, log out. Then search for yourself. If you have a profile, is it listed? Next, find a person sitting near you who is not your "friend" on Facebook, and have him or her search for you. How much information about yourself is available to other Iowa State students?

4. How comfortable are you with the amount of personal information that's available to others on the Internet?
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