You may not have time to watch all four hours of training on the site. However, please try to get through at least the following videos:

Using the exercise files
Choosing a text editor

1. Introducing XHTML and HTML
Introducing HTML and XHTML
Understanding versions of HTML and XHTML
Exploring a simple XHTML page
Understanding the structure of an XHTML document
Understanding document containers
Creating and using templates

2. Text Tags
Understanding how empty space is formatted in XHTML
Using paragraph tags
Aligning paragraphs
Understanding block-level and inline tags
Controlling line breaks and spaces
Adding document structure with headings
Formatting quotations and quote marks
Using ordered and unordered lists

3. Image Tags
Using inline images
Flowing text around an image
Breaking lines around an image

4. Link Tags
Working with hyperlinks
Using relative URLs
Specifying a base URL
Linking within a page using fragments
Creating image links

8. CSS
Introducing CSS
Understanding levels of inheritance
Learning CSS syntax
Using units of measure in CSS
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