Kinetic Text Resources

For the Kinetic Text assignment, you will most likely need to find audio, video, and image files on the web. This list of resources is designed to provide a starting point for your online searching.

If you find other helpful resources, please send them to me and I will update this list.

Audio Resources

Stock Images

If used well, photographic images can enhance the textual elements in your portfolio. These stock photography sites will provide you with plenty of options. Before you use any images, remember to check the copyright notices listed on these sites to ensure that your use of the images complies with the law.

  • Wikipedia entry on public domain image resoureces — This is a great place to start. You may also want to take a look at Wikipedia's "Free Image Resources" page.
  • Stock.xchng — A great collection of free stock photography. This is the place I usually start when I'm looking for photos for class projects. You may need to create an account to download content, but it doesn't cost.
  • Flickr — Flickr is a community photo-sharing website, where anyone can create an account and share their images. Please be aware, however, that not all members of the community allow their images to be used by other people. To find images that are acceptable to use, search for a key word, then click on "advanced search." Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box that says "" and the box that says, "Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon." If you limit your searches this way, you'll only find images that are acceptable to use for projects in our class.
  • Uncle Sam's Photos — All photos produced by federal government agencies are automatically in the public domain (your tax dollars hard at work!). This site contains links to the actual government-sponsored image galleries.
  • New York Public Library's Digital Gallery — The NYPL has put together a massive collection of historical photos, many of them in resolutions high enough to use in print productions. The search tool on this site is particularly good.
  • Public Domain Photo Database
  • Stockvault
  • OpenPhoto
  • PixelPerfect Digital
  • MorgueFile
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