Quinn Warnick
Interrogating the Interface Topic Forum
by Quinn Warnick - Tuesday, 2 July 2013, 10:16 PM
As we discussed in class on Thursday, each of you will analyze a different software program for the Interrogating the Interface Assignment. In order to ensure that there are no duplications, we will use this forum to "reserve" software programs. Once someone has claimed a program, that program is off limits to everyone else in the class, so before you add your post to this discussion, please read all previous posts.

To reserve a software program, just click on "reply" at the bottom of this initial post, then tell us which program you have chosen and describe what type of software program it is.

Before you make your selection, you may want to review the Interrogating the Interface Assignment sheet. Also, please remember that ALL word processing software programs (Word, WordPerfect, Pages, etc.) are off limits, as is PowerPoint, since we'll be spending a lot of time "interrogating" those programs in class.