We'll use this forum to comment on one another's mix CDs. Each week, you'll exchange CDs with another member of the class, listen to the CD and read the liner notes, then say something interesting about the mix in this forum.

To get started, each of you should start a new discussion topic and label it with your name and CD title. For instance, my post would be labeled as follows:

Quinn Warnick -- Take Two: New Twists on Old Favorites

Inside the body of the post, paste a copy of your playlist. This will help the other members of the class identify your CD. If you choose, you can say anything else you'd like about your mix.

After you've listened to each of your classmates' CDs, add a comment to the the forum topic for that CD. These comments don't need to be strictly academic (in other words, you should feel free to discuss what you thought of the music and whether or not you liked it), but they should be respectful. By the end of the semester, you will have received several different "reviews" of your CD.


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