Quinn Warnick
English 314 Week 13 Update
by Quinn Warnick - Saturday, 14 November 2009, 3:58 PM

I have update the course website with additional details about Week 13. Here are the highlights:

- Your final report for Unit #3 is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Please bring a printed copy of your report (along with copies or originals of all supporting documents, such as usability testing notes) to class on Tuesday. In addition, one member of your team should upload an electronic copy of your Unit #3 report to the course website before you come to class.

- In class on Tuesday, we will begin discussing Unit #4, the electronic portfolio assignment. To prepare for our discussion, please read Chapter 15.

- On Thursday, we will hold a HTML/CSS workshop in the lab. Please bring an electronic copy of your current résumé to class. To prepare for the workshop, please watch the "XHTML and HTML Essential Training" videos on Lynda.com (linked on the class website). These videos last 4+ hours, so don't put off this assignment until the last minute. Some of the videos are very basic, so if you are already familiar with HTML/XHTML, you may be able to skim and/or skip some of the videos. I am not insisting that you watch every minute of every video, but you will need to be familiar with the basic principles of coding a website before you come to class.

As always, if you have any questions about these items, please let me know. Good luck putting the finishing touches on your team reports—I look forward to reading them!

- Quinn