Quinn Warnick
Week 10 Update
by Quinn Warnick - Friday, 24 October 2008, 12:04 AM

The class website now includes detailed information for Week 10. Here's a quick overview:

- On Tuesday, we will address any challenges or problems your group has encountered working on the Collaborative Research Project. By Tuesday, your group should have completed all of your data collection and be focused entirely on writing up your findings. Your final essay for this assignment is due on Tuesday, November 4 (this is a change from the original deadline). Before you submit your essay, please review to the Collaborative Research Project assignment sheet to ensure that you are following the guidelines we have discussed in class.

- Also on Tuesday: we will discuss "Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth" (linked on the class website) and we will introduce the Kinetic Text assignment, our next big project in class. Before you come to class on Tuesday, please visit the "Billy Collins, Action Poet" website and watch at least three of the videos.

- I will be out of town on Thursday, so we will not meet as a class. You should continue working with your group on the Collaborative Research Project, but your group can set its own meeting schedule for the remainder of Week 10.

If you have any questions about any of these items, please let me know.