Image Peer Review Exercise

In groups of three, complete the following tasks for each person's set of images:

  1. Open each image in Preview or Photoshop
  2. Look at the image full size (100%), then resize the image to approximately 500 pixels wide (the size of images on Point out any problems that may arise from using the small version.
  3. Evaluate the image using the following questions as a guide:
    • Does the image have proper lighting?
    • Is the image focused?
    • Is the subject of the image centered, or does the image need to be cropped and/or readjusted?
    • Does the image contain any distracting "noise," or unrelated subject matter?
    • Does the photo make it clear what idea or procedure the creator is trying to convey?
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for each of the other images. (If you have more than 10 images, you don't need to analyze every one of them to this extent.)
  5. Consider the images as a set:
    • Does the series of images flow from one image to the next?
    • Are there any gaps in the sequence? If so, how could they be filled?
    • One image needs to appear on the homepage. Which image in the series is most representative or attention-grabbing?
When you have completed these tasks for all members of your group, go to and create a new Instructable. Begin uploading your images, taking care to upload them in the correct order and group them with other photos that might appear on the same step.