Final Memo

English 309: Final Memo Assignment

(Worth 5% of your grade; due May 5 at 11:45 a.m.)


You have spent half of this semester working closely with a small team of your peers. For your final assignment, you will write me a memo that evaluates your performance and the performance of your teammates on Unit #2 and Unit #3. After you have presented your Unit #3 assignment to the class, you (together with your team members) will view the video of your presentation, taking notes as you do so. Your memo should include the grade you believe you should receive for your own (not your group’s) performance on Unit #3. Your memo should clearly define the criteria upon which your evaluation is based and justify the criteria used.

Your memo might also address the following questions:
  • What insights did you gain into your individual speaking style by watching yourself on video?
  • Did you deliver your presentation with the appropriate volume and speed, good eye contact and body posture, and an absence of distracting mannerisms? What mannerisms or habits would you like to change in future presentations?
  • What role did you play on your team? Did the Teaming Inventory accurately predict the role you played in this group situation?
  • Did your team function effectively as a team? If not, what could you have done differently to improve the effectiveness of your team?
  • Do you believe that all members of your team deserve the same grade for Unit #2 and Unit #3? If not, please explain.
  • What insights did you gain into the nature of group work? How do you plan to use the lessons you learned in future group situations (in school or the workplace)?
Remember, this assignment is not designed merely for you to complain about your teammates. Of course, it is appropriate for you to critique their performance, but strive to do so in a professional manner.

Assignment Details

  • Your memo does not need to answer all of the questions listed above; in fact, it may be stronger if you focus on just a few of them.
  • Your memo should be approximately two pages (single spaced).
  • Remember, this assignment is the culmination of your work this semester. Your memo should reflect your growth as a writer and an understanding of the concepts we have studied.
  • When you are finished, save the Word document as “Your Name Final Memo.doc” (for instance, “Quinn Warnick Final Memo.doc”) and upload it to the class website.
  • Memos must be submitted by 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, May 5. IMPORTANT: Memos submitted after this deadline will receive no credit.

Evaluation Criteria

Your memo will be evaluated based on how well it:
  • follows a logical organizational pattern.
  • attempts to honestly evaluate your work and the work of your teammates.
  • makes specific references to the work you completed with your team.
  • uses the memo format (header information, fonts, headings, lists, layout, etc.) to complement the written text.
  • adheres to the conventions of Standard Written English (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.).