Unit #3: Presentation of Grant Proposal

Unit #3: Presentation of Grant Proposal

(Worth 15% of your grade; due April 30)


Congratulations! The grant proposal you prepared for Unit #2 has been reviewed by your funding source and placed in the top tier of proposals received this year. Your team has advanced to the final round of competition and has been invited to present your grant proposal to the judges. You have 20 minutes to persuade the judges that your proposal should be funded. All members of your team will participate in this oral presentation, and the grant-making agency has requested that you prepare a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your oral delivery.

Assignment Details

  • This assignment will measure your abilities in several areas, including public speaking, visual design, and team collaboration.
  • Your presentation should involve all members of your group as equally as possible.
  • I will meet with each team multiple times during class to discuss your presentations. In addition, I am always available during my office hours or by appointment to answer questions or work through unexpected challenges.
  • Your team’s storyboards (rough sketches) will be due in class on Tuesday, March 31. A rough draft of the PowerPoint file will be due on Tuesday, April 14.
  • You will deliver your presentation in class on either Thursday, April 23, or Tuesday, April 28. I will videotape your presentation, and you will review the video as a team later that week.
  • When your final draft is complete, save the PowerPoint document as “Team Number Grant Presentation.ppt” (for instance, “Team 1 Grant Presentation.ppt”) and upload it to the class website before class on Thursday, April 30.

Evaluation Criteria

Your team’s presentation will be evaluated based on how well it:
  • exhibit an understanding of the audience, context, and purpose of the rhetorical situation.
  • blends oral, visual, and technological elements
  • makes a sustained, persuasive argument.
  • displays a level of professionalism (in terms of dress, speech, etc.) appropriate for a presentation of this type.
  • makes innovative use of electronic software to create a consistent look and feel throughout the presentation.
  • involves all members of your team.