Kinetic Text Analysis Exercise

Select two of the following Kinetic Text videos and for each video, answer the questions listed below. You will need to watch the videos several times to answer the questions accurately. (To answer some of these questions, you may want to watch the videos with the sound turned off.)



1. How many different "clips" (photos, video clips, etc.) are used in the video? (In other words, how many times does the "camera angle" change?) Is every clip unique, or are some clips used multiple times?

2. Does the video use the Ken Burns effect? How often? In your opinion, how successful are the zooming and panning techniques used in the video?

3. What techniques does the video use to transition from one clip to another? (fading to black, cross-dissolving, jump cutting, etc.) In your opinion, are these techniques successful? Why (or why not)?

4. How many audio tracks can you identify in the video? Does the video use sound effects in specific places? A continuous music track in the background?

5. How well does the video "match" the audio? Could the creator of the video done anything to improve the alignment between sounds and images?

6. Does the video use an opening title? If so, it is effective? Why (or why not)?

7. Does the video incorporate credits at the end? Are credits contained in the YouTube description of the video?