Journal #2: Microsoft Word Reflection

In the reading for today, you were introduced to "10 Things Every Microsoft Word User Should Know": ten of the little-used, but highly-useful, features of Word. (Features that are available, I should add, in other word-processing programs as well.) An unspoken--or quietly-spoken--part of the article, however, is the fact that few people use more than the most basic features of Word. According to research conducted in the late 1990s, and repeated as recently as last year, most people only use Word for basic text entry. That's also true of other word processing programs, and for "productivity" software in general: most people only use, and are only aware of, a tiny fraction of the programs' functions. Your question is this: Why? Why do people use a software package for task after task without learning much about the software or exploring its features and limitations? Write a short essay (two to three paragraphs) responding to these questions.