Kinetic Text Progress Report

Before you leave class today, take a few minutes to report your progress on the Kinetic Text assignment.

At this point, you should be focused on collecting raw artifacts (images, video clips, audio, etc.) and importing them into your iMovie file (or PowerPoint file, or Flash file).

On a scale of 1 to 10, how far along are you on gathering all of the artifacts needed for your video? (1 = "My iMovie file is empty." 10 = "Everything is in my iMovie file. I just need to arrange the raw materials.")

Also, briefly describe what steps you need to take next to complete this assignment. What problems are you having right now? What aspects of this assignment will take the most time to complete? Are you confident that you can complete this assignment in the next two weeks (by the 17th)?

Spend approximately five minutes responding to these questions.