Lab Assignment: Getting Started with Online Research

Before the end of class today, find at least four sources on the subject you are researching for the Social Networking Assignment. Find:
  • one printed book
  • one article in a peer-reviewed, academic journal
  • one website
  • and at least one additional source of any type you choose.
Then, using a Word document, provide the citation for each source, plus a one-line annotation describing the source.

Your research might start with a Google search, a Wikipedia entry, or the research our class collected on our Facebook group, but these are only starting points. For books and journal articles, you'll need to go to the Parks Library website. Once you've found some relevant materials, you might even need to SET FOOT INSIDE THE LIBRARY (!) to get them.

When you've found at least four sources, click on "edit my submission," then copy and paste the contents of the Word document into the text box.